Saturday, November 15, 2008

the bear that sits in the dark

there he sits, neath the light
that guides the way thru the night
oh, can u wait for me
im falling behind for the love of thee

Friday, October 10, 2008

shrieks of help to emptyness

I shrieked out to call for help
but nothing came out of my mouth
I screamed out to cry for you
but you left me here to die
Will someone please come and save me?
cuz i can't take this pain anymore
All I've been doing is letting you know
how my heart has been beating for you
but now ur gone,
like smokes on sahara
but now ur gone,
left me to dry alone

Scavengers on Lomo eps. 6

another head hangs lowly
another heart mistakenly torn
another song sang slowly
another pain acutely born

Scavengers on Lomo eps. 5

Well, let's start the story again
where I'm ur lover and best friend
I'll sing you the only song
I've ever known

Scavengers on Lomo eps. 4

Seems I just needed a break
Sat down but now I'm up again
And finding out I'm alone
My friends left me behind

Friday, October 03, 2008

even they have families

we can never be
alone and free
cuz we're made for each other
as sisters and brothers

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

the dancing trees

the woods they gave us
a path towards the light
follow the whispers
of the dancing willow trees

trapped in behind bars

free i am not
trapped in behind bars
so little space they have brought
for me to dwell beneath my scars

the duck that made me fly

she swims with grace
oh, look at her waist
enchanting she is
smooth as the morning breeze

tujuanku setiap hari

pagi pagi buta
kudatang ke atma
sambil menunggu
busway, wuaduh ngantuk'y

The Spa Ape

the day was hot
the sun let the leaves rot
what a good day for a spa
rinsing my feet and say aahh!!!

Scavengers on Lomo eps.3

he rides once again
through the woods and on the land
proud to be a scavenger
the world sees him but the danger

Monday, September 29, 2008

the feast of colors

the day was, as they say
the colors that spread in our way
love was there, bubble-like flare
look the joy, as we meddle around with our toy

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Scavengers on Lomo eps.2

i stand by side
i rule by night
alone i fight
i'm a scavenger alright

Scavengers on Lomo

scumbags of the earth
hunt garbage to rule the world
look at our sweet eyes
it'll fool you to think we're nice
cuz we're the scavengers
unnoticed and undangered